You are loved [6.29.15]

Spoken Word by Jay Choi
As shown by GMA Pop News and Fox News 12

In light of the recent Supreme Court ruling to legalize homosexual marriage, I felt like doing a repost of this video was appropriate. I feel that it gives a good picture of what homosexuals might deal with in the church and how Christians should respond to them.

Sadly, one of the biggest conflicts concerning this topic is the clash that homosexuals have with Christianity. And at surface level, it’s not hard to see why. All Christianity seems to be on the outside is another religion covered by a law saying this is right and that is wrong. There have been cases where Christians have outwardly rejected homosexuals at the church and have even gone to the point where they start “anti-gay” movements walking around chanting, “God hates gays” and “Gays go to hell.” I know of certain Christians who have been detrimental towards homosexuals and some Christians are openly or secretly prejudiced towards homosexuals in general. But let me just say this straight-forwardly, that is completely messed up. And of course I am not generalizing these qualities to all Christians as a whole; I am a Christian myself. But it is absolutely heartbreaking for me as a Christian to hear about any one person who claims to believe in Jesus and would give a second thought about responding in this way. It appears some Christians seem to think that they are overall just “better” people because they are not homosexual, and they give themselves a right to treat other human beings like that. But as people who are called and sent to this world to display the love of Christ, how are homosexuals supposed to see it admist such hatred? It is not hard for me to see why some homosexuals avoid Christianity, and it is not hard for me to see why some homosexuals have doubts about how a loving God could exist.

To all the homosexual friends and acquaintances that God has blessed me with, first and foremost I want to apologize. I know that many of you are against believing in Jesus for your own various reasons, but I am aware that for some of you, your sexual preference is one of them. And I hear you guys talk about how Christians have treated homosexuals or how you have read articles about Christian “anti-gay” groups, and it honestly breaks my heart. I’m sorry for whatever led you to think negatively of God and for not being a good example of Jesus myself. But as hard as it might be for some Christians to admit, the absolute truth is that we are all equally messed up and imperfect. It doesn’t matter that you’re homosexual and I’m heterosexual, or that I’m a Christian and you’re not, no one person is “better” than another. But if there’s anything that I want you to understand about Christianity, it is that without love, it is nothing. Based on all the experiences you’ve heard about, it could be so easy for you to see Christianity as a religion that constantly judges and puts people down, but the essence of who we are is not so much built off of a religion, but a relationship. By definition and personal belief, the reason I am a Christian is because I have a father-daughter relationship with a God who loved me enough to send his own son to die for me. And why did he come down? Because I was messed up. Because I was full of mistakes. Because I deserved a punishment for being messed up and full of mistakes and he decided to take the full blow upon himself. For my sake and for the sake of the entire world. That is the love that comes behind being a Christian, and that is the only love I want to show to you as well. A love that is completely perfect, unconditional, and everlasting. And all I pray is that some day you will see how worth it it is to give up your life and anything else you could ever desire for the sake of receiving the joy in Christ that I have.

And if you ever hear about or encounter a “Christian” that does anything less then show love, just know that they are mistaken. Don’t let the people who are driven by rage and hate drive you away from the most beautiful love story that you could ever be a part of. You might think that “love won” for you with the passing of law, but love actually won for you a long time ago with three nails and a cross. And trust me when I say, the man who died on that cross is the only one who could fully satisfy you and give you the love that you are seeking. That is all that I as a Christian, and anyone else as a Christian, ever wants you to know. We are not here to judge you, we are not here to hurt you. We are here to remind you that you are loved.


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