A Bridge to Christ [6.20.15]

This week has just been full of random deep talks with random people. I honestly don’t know how they started, but from one point to another, a simple hello suddenly led to discussions about life, relationships, personal issues, etc. I’m always overwhelmed when I hear about other people struggling, but at the same time I’m thankful. There were so many things to think about, but also so many things pray about.

I think every time someone opens up and shares with me, I start to feel some sort of pressure building up inside of me. It’s a good kind of pressure. It’s one of those feelings where you desperately want to help them, whether it would be to offer some good advice or just be the shoulder they need to cry on. But at the same time having this feeling can often be very dejecting, because it sometimes leads to a realization that you’re just not the right person to help them. I used to think that if someone opens up to you, then by default you were the right person to help them out. But sometimes, God’s reason for bringing these people to you isn’t so that you can change them or give them direct encouragement, but it’s to reveal one more thing to pray for or one more thing to support behind the scenes. Sinfully, I hate that. Every time someone shares a struggle with me I can’t just sit there. It’s not sufficient enough for me to just watch them go through it and just pray on the sidelines. For some reason, doing that just makes me feel so useless and deficient. I start thinking things like maybe the reason why I can’t help them out is because I don’t have enough knowledge, or maybe because I haven’t read the Bible enough. And while that might be the case, it is definitely not what God wants me to take away from the experience.

What I have to remember is that every person in my life is a blessing from God. It is not based on anything I did or will do in their life. Whether it’s one of my closest friends, or a unnamed homeless man on the sidewalk God gives me the grace to notice, I should be doing nothing else other than becoming an invisible bridge between them and Christ. Not at any point should I be prideful and give myself the right to say that I’m the right person to speak into their life or that God sent this person to me so that I could change them. Of course sometimes that might be the case, but it’s never for me to decide. In every interaction I have, I need to be prayerful and discerning in why God sent them to me and what he wants me to do for them. And once I figure that out, regardless of whether it’s praying behind the scenes or caring for them openly, I need to do it wholeheartedly with the exclusive reason of pointing them to Christ.


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